Facking Up


How do you check out to see if you have the real thing?

With the recession looming large and fashionable merchandise becoming far too expensive, the temptation to buy a fake chinese product is far greater than ever before. But though this looks like a good option at the time, it is never so,because when you buy a knock-off, you encourage more illegal trade in fake merchandise and you end up demeaning the brand you admire so much.

Cheap manpower and lowest living standard of Chinese skilled work force, efficient to make ditto of original brand. Cheap material cuts the cost of a product, and they dump their low quality stuff in lndia. Samsung Galaxy series comes with 25000- plus in India, while generic version of Chinese Galaxy can be bought for 1500-1800 Rs. But what would happen if retailer sells a generic product at original brand price.

So, what do you do when you can’t discern between a real product and a fake one? This is where you might need help. Don’t go by the price tag alone though that is a good beginning as a genuine article does not come cheap and many luxury brands have hefty price tags. But some manufacturers may charge you heavily for something that is not real and you would not even know.

You are out to buy your favourite Gucci or TopSHABAB Bag.

The first step is to do your research. Check reviews and websites to see what your product must look like.

The second step, say experts is to check the material, finishing and the stitching of the bag. If it is sloppy, loose and unraveling, it is definitely not the real thing. The inside tags must also match what you have seen on the product website.

The lining of a real bag is as important as the outside. This is a clear indication of a genuine article, as much as the logo.

Some accessory websites also give warnings about people trying to imitate their products. For example, one website warns buyers that their bag handles are never wrapped in plastic or bubble wrap and do not have seams running around the bottom of the bag.

Always check out a product completely before buying a fake. It may come cheap but it will not last too long and will fall apart sooner or later. Also remember, you will not fool anyone but yourself by carrying a knock-off around and passing it off as the genuine thing.

In our case, we have applied a never-before system to make sure if you are buying an original TopSHABAB Bag, Carpet, Wallet …
. . .We have setup an automated system. You shall find an Orange and Chalk White Scratch Card in every product. Just check the orange color in our Logo. You must find our brand name in English and Arabic. . .then check the scratch strip at the back of card.

Now scratch and find a random Code e.g. TANGO45, NOVDECJAN …Just sms the code at 55051. Next moment our database would reply with THANK YOU message along with a gift details you win with every purchase. It may be a Wallet, Watch, Rug… If you are lucky you may even win NOKIA LUMIA, SAMSUNG GALAXY, BLACK BERRY… After all, you kicked a fake one by verifying our product.

-Manvi Acharya
(Security and System Admin)