Five Point Entreprenuer!


IF you need a chunk of inspiration, it will inspire you. Unlike me, if you love to read motivational stuff …it will motivate you too.

I have done an all out research on what are the major rules entreprenuer follows to reach from nadir to zenith of respective field. I have participated in numerous debates, discussions, conferences and attend most of the Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, Noida Expo to Domotex Hannover to Heimtex Frankful.

I talked to a thousand of people in my quest to ensure the rightedness of my success. I wanted to know whether I did the same others have done to succeed.

That is how I prepared a list of 50 plus points out of which I found some 20 common traits entreprenuers had, however some of them were unrealistic and super heroic type of stuff, so I distilled just Five Points people followed to set up a small enterprise which ultimetly became an Incorporated Organisation.

What is this ‘Five-Points Entreprenuer?
Please follow the link given below to mainsite, and after reading leave you feedback. It will be appreciated.
Five Point Entreprenuer

^Please note, no piece of others’ experience exactly fits on you, the contents above based on author’s bids of struggle and hardwork in terms of achieving goals. You may be in better situation, may have more capital money to take a bit of more risks, yet the five points, quoted above will apply gradually.

* * *

sharmeeli khan nov 21st, 2014
MY Bedroom Adventures
Relation between those two units who spend average 7.5 hours a day behind the closed doors of bedroom, may be good, may be average ok, not good, bad or worst. But, whatever happens behind the doors and heavily dark curtains is kept secret. The secret may be in regard to Hyper Sexual Activities or Sex Deprivation… Frequent Arguements, Domestic Voilence, Forced Sex (Natural Unnatural) which is technically a ‘rape’, and lot more. Issues born there and die there.

It is me or you or our prime minister, president, our uncle/aunt, mom/dad, Steve Jobs or Rakhi Sawant… whoever live (single/double or triple) behind the doors knows that they’re just secure on privacy, and when it happens …the chemical reactions begin.

Well, I will storify the BACTIVITY™ (Bedroom Activity) in terms of making a natural process healthy. Doubts will be cleared, questions will be answered via email or sms, or if it is asked annonomysly in comment box… will be answered. YOU are welcomed…

…shabab khan blog
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