Religiously Dumb and Dumbber!!


…is sharing a recent study and tests conducted by different agencies working in Toxicology Field, River Science to check the water quality in various water bodies.

— Shabab Khan


Durga Idol made of POP is still in water with all paints ten days after immersion.
PIC 2: Dushharra Ends. Diwali coming. Fire cleans Ganga?

The religious rituals are performed on the bank of Ganges by Panda (Padit) you are supposed to be in Banaras for some rituals for the heavenly benefits of your ancestors died long ago.

Hindus believe that the death in Varanasi means salvation …free from birth and death cycle. Vishwanath temple is dedicated to Shiva, and Hindus wish to visit this place at least once in a life time

But, religious rituals are harming lifeline of Varanasi —GANGES.

Recently Allahabad High Court banned all the droppings, immersions in Ganga. Why?
Religiously Dumb. Find out the brutality.

…shabab khan
(Author is an Export Entrepreneur, Journalist, Engineer and Social Activist Against Animal …


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