What If You Are An Underperforming Employee in Your Own Organization?


— Shabab Khan

This may sound like there will be a long list of how to fire your non-performers in a positive manner. However, there will be nothing of the sort here. Rather this article relates to how you can identify and deal with your worst employee, firing the zero productivity activities and not the employee himself. So the first part says about identifying who is your worst employee.

Not every entrepreneur will have the guts to say that they themselves are the worst performer of the company. Most of the Entrepreneurs give themselves a free pass even when they realize they are non-contributors to the organization. As an entrepreneur, you should first have a critical eye for the self before you start pin pointing others and their ways to work.

Have you ever analyzed about how much is your contribution to the organization, or how much time have you wasted while on work as an entrepreneur. It is in human nature to find faults with others and not judge the self and this is an offensive stupidity for the growth of the organizations.

Identify whether you are the worst performer!


It is an entrepreneur’s duty to become an asset for the organization and not a zero productivity leech. If you are doing the following things then you should consider changing before it is too late:

★ Are you avoiding business tasks and doing personal tasks at work?

★ Are you wasting a lot of time on social media?

★ Do you not take any action even if you have analyzed things to the death?

★ Do you stick your head in the sand when it comes about financial metrics?

★ Do you believe in avoiding conflicts even if this means loss in business, your business?

If the answer to all or even any of these questions is a yes, then you are harming the business. And with a yes to the above question, ask yourself yet another question that would you ever employee, or pay a person such as yours? The answer seems but obvious. When you are at work you cannot allow free passes, even if it is for the self, and even when you are the entrepreneur.

Question yourself regularly.

When you question yourself regularly, you are able to find your faults better. When you feel that your productivity as an employee to the organization is going low, pose yourself with the following questions:

★ Is this for what you pay yourself?

★ What would a pro do in such a situation?


When you act like an ostrich in financial matters ask yourself, is this for what you pay yourself.

Questioning the self always helps you commit to the right track. No, you cannot work for all those hours in the office. It is understandable that you cannot work for each minute in the office. You have to relax for a while; after all, you are not a machine. You have to find ways to keep yourself relaxed that helps you maintain focus on the task you are performing. You need to have little knick-knack breaks that have the potential to keep you all charged up. Make sure, you do not end up only relaxing. You have the right to relax only when you have reached the levels of exhaustion while working. Remember no work means no play.

In order to make your organization a profitable one, make sure you are the entrepreneur of real worth for the organization. If you are a zero contributing entrepreneur, you need to fire yourself, and evolve as a whole new entrepreneur, whom your own self would love to hire.

One more thing, do not compare yourself with xyz. And for pete’s sake never fall into the negative barren land, else inferiority complex will turn your well-nurtured cheeks into long dug holes, insomnia will visit your bedroom frequently.

Just be honest with yourself, and keep your sex life intact, no more no less (ROFL).

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