NAIL POLISH Manufacturing: Start Up



. . .women whoever she is use cosmetics, and painting their nails is a good business. . .

— Shabab Khan

Nail polish making business is a million dollar industry in cosmetic products. Nail polish is a lacquer kind of product that is used to decorate and to protect human fingernails or toenails. The demand of nailpolish is growing rapidly particularly in urban areas owing to several factors such as greater purchasing power because of higher income, desire to look better and more attractive etc.

A person having knowledge about the trend of beauty and fashion industry can initiate this venture with moderate start up capital.

Training For Nail Polish Making: This is almost first necessary step to start nail polish making business. If your educational subject is chemistry it will give you extra support to learn the process and formula. You can have some online tutorials and classes to get proper knowledge.

Nail Polish Making Business Plan: Write a detail plan of your nail polish making business. Determine the startup capital, return, what type of nail polish you are going to make, whom you will offer your product, objectives and goals of your nail polish making business.

It is always advisable to a specific project report in hand before get into the production.

Compliance For Nail Polish Making: Check the legal formalities of nail polish making with an attorney. In India, you will need to obtain license under the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945. You need to submit an application in Form 31 along with a license fee of Rupees 2500 and an inspection fee of Rupees 1000. You will also need to obtain Trade License from local authority and need to apply for sales tax.

Sourcing For Nail Polish Making: As per your desired nail polish type you will need to procure the raw materials. The main ingredients that you will need have, are Plasticizers, dies and pigments, solvents, adhesive polymers, resins, thickening agents, ultraviolet stabilizers and the container for packing.

There are various type of nail polish is available like Shimmer, Glitter, Frost, Luster, creme, Matte etc. determine your raw material sourcing according to the type of nail polish you want to make. Initially go for some sample production.

Experiment with colours: Check the recent trend of nail polish in the market. Colours are most important deciding factor of getting success in nail polish making business.

Promote Your Nail Polish Making Business: Initially you can tap your local market. Cosmetic retailers, beauty stores, salon owners, beauticians will be your customer for nail polish. You can contact retail brands to have a tie up as nail polish supplier. To establish your nail polish brand in the market it is important to have an intensive dealer network also. Online presence is important to make a brand successful. Create a website with product detail and price. You can go for an eCommerce site also where from people can buy your product online.

(Author is an Export Entrepreneur, Journalist, and Social Activist

2 thoughts on “NAIL POLISH Manufacturing: Start Up

  1. Dear Sir,
    I wish to start a NAIL POLISH manufacture unit at NOIDA under small/medium scale. Can you help me start up, availability of raw materials, machine and bottle-brushes etc.
    +91 8373932295


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