Shadow Side of Leadership…

A Great Book by Lolly Daskal

by Jesse Lyn Stoner 

Once you’ve been in a leadership role for awhile, you develop a leadership style;that is comfortable. You begin to relax in that role, feeling you are at the top of the learning curve and confident that you know how to be a leader.

Beware! This is the slipperiest spot on the slope. You can get lulled into a complacency that will eventually be your undoing.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Lolly Daskal, executive coach and author of the new book The Leadership Gap. According to Lolly, “A problem that all high performers face sooner or later is that what once worked to propel their rise stops working. The very same traits that once worked for them start to work against them.”

When you overuse a strength, you tap into its shadow. – Lolly Daskal

Carl Jung is famous for formulating the concept of the shadow, the aspects of our personality we hold in the darkness of our unconscious. Our shadows are what we refuse to acknowledge about ourselves – the parts of ourselves we’re not proud of, the thoughts and feelings we don’t want others to know about . . . that we ourselves don’t want to know about.

“Unfortunately there can be no doubt that man is, on the whole, less good than he imagines himself or wants to be. Everyone carries a shadow, and the less [aware of it he is], the blacker and denser it is.” (Carl Jung, Wikipedia)

Unexamined and unacknowledged, your shadow exerts unconscious control over your thoughts, emotions, choices, and actions. “It forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions,” according to Jung. “That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate.”

Your Shadow Side of Leadership

“All of us try to do good work. We don’t show up at work and say we want to be deceivers or manipulators,” says Lolly Daskal. What happens is our shadow gets triggered, often without even realizing it. Our shadows make us feel unworthy, and we take action to cover them up.

According to Jung, often we project the problems we created through our shadow outward onto others, blaming them for the very thing we are responsible for.

Unmask your shadows to take away their power over you. – Lolly Daskal

According to Lolly Daskal, “our shadows mask our greatness and don’t allow us to stand in the light.”

Embracing your shadows can be a huge relief. You don’t have to pretend to always know the answer, or always be competent, or always be compassionate, or always be happy. You can stop propping up whatever false image you are trying to project.

You can acknowledge your “darker” side without being afraid of it. It doesn’t mean you will start acting out your dark side. Just because you have a feeling or a desire, doesn’t mean you need to take action on it. Adults have the ability to make rational decisions about what they will say or do.

Begin by acknowledging the parts of your personality you want to hide or keep secret. When you begin to feel fear, shame, or unworthiness, don’t push those feelings away immediately. Take a moment to consider what they are keeping you from seeing, thinking or doing.

When you acknowledge your shadows, you become more humane, more approachable, and more connected.

You are better prepared to grapple with the reality that life is not “all or nothing.” You end up with true humility.

. . . These are the key ingredients to being a truly great leader.

This post is inspired by my friend and colleague Lolly Daskal’s brillant new book The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness. Lolly explains the seven archetypes of leadership and the risk to greatness that lurks in the shadow of each. And she provides real-life examples of leaders who embody these archetypes. I read it, I love it, I recommend it!

Visit to learn more about Lolly and her work. You can order a copy of The Leadership Gap at Amazon or anywhere books are sold.

Business Optimism !!

. . . Positive Energy can allow in terms of making you go for an attempt even in some impossible scenario. And in this game of positivity India emerged as World’s IInd having most businesses running on Positive tracks.

— Shabab Khan

NEW DELHI: India Inc has emerged as the second most optimistic in terms of business optimism globally with a survey showing that 86 per cent of Indian respondents are bullish about an increase in revenue of their companies.

According to the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR), a quarterly global survey of 2,580 business leaders, India ranked second after Ireland in terms of the business optimism.

Business confidence and expectations for revenue and exports are down in several major economies that have China as a major trading partner, though slowdowns are hitting USA, Greece, France, Romania, even United Arab Emirates plunged down. India is safe.

“India is relatively insulated from the slowdown in China and sees a slight gain in confidence, despite falling exports,” the survey said while taking note of RBI’s recent interest rate cut by 50 basis points to support growth. As per the survey, 86 per cent Indian businesses are optimistic about an increase in revenue compared to 83 per cent last quarter. Moreover, Indian businesses are also positive about profitability with 69 percent respondents expecting a rise in the profits. ” Indian businesses have been consistently optimistic in their business outlook over the past decade barring a couple of quarters. This is based on the underlying strength of the economy, the consistent high growth rate, the entrepreneurial dynamism in being able to create new opportunities and businesses and the lower reliance on global trade based on significant domestic demand,” Grant Thornton India LLP Partner – India Leadership team Harish HV said.

However, there was further fall in optimism on the rise of employment aspect with only 52 per cent Indian businesses hoping for the same. “The concern based on the results of this survey is the pessimism on employment, which is a key factor and need for the country given the demographic dividend which could turn into a demographic nightmare without adequate employment generation. The Government’s thrust on ‘Make in India’ needs much more push to make it a reality and that could salvage the situation,” the report added.The survey noted that ICT (Information Communication Technology) infrastructure is the biggest concern for Indian Businesses followed by lack of skilled workers and red tape. Also, there is not any major improvement in the expectations of an increase in R&D activities and exports in the country from the last quarter.

(Author is an Export Entrepreneur, Journalist, Social Activist…

Tea Bag Making |Profitable Business Idea


★ Tea Bush in a Tea Plantation Facility.

Tea bag making business  recommended to prepare a customized project report according to your budget and required production capacity. In business plan clearly fix the marketing strategy, business objective and mission statement.

Legal Compliance for Tea Bag Making Business:

In initiating the venture you will need to determine the legal pattern of the business. You can start with a registration of a One Person Company or you can register with LLP, Pvt Ltd or Ltd Company. Obtain Trade License from local authority. Apply for Pan Card. You will need to have Sales Tax registration. This type of small scale manufacturing doesn’t demand NOC from Pollution Control Board. Choose a memorable, catchy name of your brand.

Machinery and Raw materials for Tea Bag Making Business.

Tea Bag making machines form tea bags with string & tag from heat sealable filter paper. It’s an automatic operation where the bag forming filling, sealing and attachment of the string and tag is fully automatic. Easy to handle and operate equipped with all contact parts of stainless steel. Several operator friendly semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines are available in the market. Select machines as per your production requirement.

Check the warranty period:
Make sure you are buying machine which is meant for business is properly warranted, go for branded even if it costs you little expensive.
Selection of variety of tea is the main factor to get quality product in tea bag making business.

Organic tea, Green tea, Herbal Tea, Assam tea, Mixed Blended tea are the most popular tea variety generally used to make tea bags. Normally one tea bag holds approximately 1-4 ounces of tealeaves. Also you need to source the quality paper make tea bags from reliable suppliers. Other essentials are packaging materials like tags, pouches and card board packets.

Marketing Idea for Tea Bag:
As tea bags are consumer goods you need to be focused on creating brand equity, maximize brand visibility and promoting brand usage. You can start selling locally by establishing a distribution channel. Contact with the retail brands to have a tieup with your business.

In India hotels, restaurants, clubs, business houses, hospitality management companies are the major consumers of tea bags. You can go for some creative deigns of tea bags.

Register your product with different online shopping portal to attract online consumers. Create a non liner presence of your tea bag making business. Give some rich informative content there about several varieties of tea and their great tastes.

Congo!! Two years later, you are all set to an extent where Export can be considered.

— Aparna Singh (Production Manager: TATA TEA)
— Matsaeye Ishaque (Quality Analyst: Gangtok East Plantation)

(Author is an Export Entrepreneur, Journalist, Social Activist.

What If You Are An Underperforming Employee in Your Own Organization?


— Shabab Khan

This may sound like there will be a long list of how to fire your non-performers in a positive manner. However, there will be nothing of the sort here. Rather this article relates to how you can identify and deal with your worst employee, firing the zero productivity activities and not the employee himself. So the first part says about identifying who is your worst employee.

Not every entrepreneur will have the guts to say that they themselves are the worst performer of the company. Most of the Entrepreneurs give themselves a free pass even when they realize they are non-contributors to the organization. As an entrepreneur, you should first have a critical eye for the self before you start pin pointing others and their ways to work.

Have you ever analyzed about how much is your contribution to the organization, or how much time have you wasted while on work as an entrepreneur. It is in human nature to find faults with others and not judge the self and this is an offensive stupidity for the growth of the organizations.

Identify whether you are the worst performer!


It is an entrepreneur’s duty to become an asset for the organization and not a zero productivity leech. If you are doing the following things then you should consider changing before it is too late:

★ Are you avoiding business tasks and doing personal tasks at work?

★ Are you wasting a lot of time on social media?

★ Do you not take any action even if you have analyzed things to the death?

★ Do you stick your head in the sand when it comes about financial metrics?

★ Do you believe in avoiding conflicts even if this means loss in business, your business?

If the answer to all or even any of these questions is a yes, then you are harming the business. And with a yes to the above question, ask yourself yet another question that would you ever employee, or pay a person such as yours? The answer seems but obvious. When you are at work you cannot allow free passes, even if it is for the self, and even when you are the entrepreneur.

Question yourself regularly.

When you question yourself regularly, you are able to find your faults better. When you feel that your productivity as an employee to the organization is going low, pose yourself with the following questions:

★ Is this for what you pay yourself?

★ What would a pro do in such a situation?


When you act like an ostrich in financial matters ask yourself, is this for what you pay yourself.

Questioning the self always helps you commit to the right track. No, you cannot work for all those hours in the office. It is understandable that you cannot work for each minute in the office. You have to relax for a while; after all, you are not a machine. You have to find ways to keep yourself relaxed that helps you maintain focus on the task you are performing. You need to have little knick-knack breaks that have the potential to keep you all charged up. Make sure, you do not end up only relaxing. You have the right to relax only when you have reached the levels of exhaustion while working. Remember no work means no play.

In order to make your organization a profitable one, make sure you are the entrepreneur of real worth for the organization. If you are a zero contributing entrepreneur, you need to fire yourself, and evolve as a whole new entrepreneur, whom your own self would love to hire.

One more thing, do not compare yourself with xyz. And for pete’s sake never fall into the negative barren land, else inferiority complex will turn your well-nurtured cheeks into long dug holes, insomnia will visit your bedroom frequently.

Just be honest with yourself, and keep your sex life intact, no more no less (ROFL).

…shabab khan
(Author is an Export Entrepreneur, Journalist, Engineer and Social Activist Against Animal …

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